Saturday, 7 June 2014

Weekend: Board Games

Not your standard game of Monopoly or Pictionary. Strategy Board Gaming has hit the scene big lately. We usually have upwards of 50+ different games at our weekly Club meet in Freemans Bay and they are designed to intrigue. I've been playing them regularly and heres a couple that's hit the fancy button recently.

Euphoria: Build a better Dystopia

Current favourite game and the king of all worker placement themes. Workers are represented by Dice (D6) and their totals affects the game play. Whether collecting resources or commodities this game is fast paced and complex enough to make incredibly replayable. It seems a very complex game but if you break it down it's a easy transition from your very first game.

The mixture of allies and goals to fast track your winning position is very enjoyable. This was a Kick Starter game and I totally missed it, oophs. For those of us who also missed it, have no fear it's in the shops now for ~$100NZ. Plays up to five and I have to give this a thorough guaranteed very enjoyable..

Lots of high quality components 

Just some of the allies you can gain
My current all time favourite: 5 out of 5 Stars!

Firefly the Board Game.

If you have watched the TV series and/or the Movie, then this will be on the top of your go get list. Even if you haven't this is a surprisingly enjoyable jaunt into a fun night of Board gaming. Published by GF9 a NZ company no less. It's a resource gathering game with multiple selectable missions. You'll find all of the characters from the show and more. Gf9 has put a lot of detail into this release and it doesn't disappoint. You get good quality components and a stack of well made accessories. 

Highly playable and well worth the reasonable price. You can take on a variety of Characters to be your Captain and hire a company of like minds to trade, maraud, heist and haul around the galaxy. Misbehaving is the means and more often than not credits is the goal.

Huge game board but easy dynamics and easy to play.
New Expansion offers 2 new Ships and a host of new dynamics.

 Very replayable with a tonne of characters and missions. 4 out of 5 stars.

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