Monday, 16 June 2014

Couple of Board Games & Wargaming on the cheap.

Stumbled on some very cool, what I call filler games just recently. These are those quick (under an hour) games that just fill the gap when you finish the main course. Also wouldn't go a miss for the main fair.


Fun betting and intuition game. Bet on races from the 3 out of 4 available barges. Also invest in shares and win big or lose big to stay in the game. We had a range of ages at our table for this game and everyone enjoyed it immensely.

Very broad base of appeal gives this fun family based game a 3.5 outta 5 stars.


An almost too simple but effective strategy game. Build your village on a volcanic strewn island slowly revealed by 3 joined hexagonal tiles. As your island erupts to form higher layers you can place down temples and towers all the while aiming some distressing lava flows towards your opposition. I got slaughtered at this but appreciated the complexity hidden within. Highly recommend this one.

Fun filled reality of living amongst a chain of Volcanoes in Auckland reveals a morbid sense of fun for this gamer. 4 outta 5 stars.

Wargaming on the Cheap recently:

GW have been generously releasing dual kits and who am I to argue but to take advantage. It encourages my hobby which is my zen like stress retreat. I really enjoy building and sculpting my own Miniatures. It's really rewarding and from one Chariot kit I managed to get 3 and completing my fourth (with some help for bits from friends. Cheers Rich, Glen and Dan). That makes it a 75% saving that does. So here's what I've been working on. Included in this is my perhaps addition to my menagerie for up coming MonsterCon.

Hordo chariot of doom on da cheap.

 Got to test out more greenstuffing on my new Thundertusk. I used the spare bits that came with the Stone horn. The spare bits was attached to a $2 bear toy I got from the local 2 Cheap store. Green stuffing fur isn't as hard as you think. I will be going thru about 1/10th of a double tube of green stuff. Still equals Cheap Thundertusk. Estimated cost $2bear + $2 Green Stuff. thats a $4 Monster yo!

 Finished on the cheap Repeater Bolt thrower. Made all from the bitz box n looking the part.

Happy times fellow Hobbyists.

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