Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Looted Wagon & Sneak peak at new Orks

Confirmed that the New Ork Codex is out from this weekend's White Dwarf.
Here's some pic's I found around the nets (advance look). This should send WWaaagghhss shooting around the Galaxy.

Props and thanks to the various sites I've gathered this from.


  1. Are those NZ prices actually equivalent to the UK ones? 15.50 GBP vs NZ$33 for the Painboy is pretty damn close.

    The Codex differential is still pretty huge though.

  2. Hey Tane,

    We've actually get really good support up here from our brick and mortar plus our internet stores in Auckland. They support our tournaments and offer massive deals to tournament goers.
    More interesting is that the NZ exchange last I looked was 6 to 1 for RMB. I would have so much more pasticrack if the prices were that :)
    Hope to see you boys up here for GuardCon in September. Free accomodation at the venue. Will have it announced in the next coupla days.