Monday, 9 June 2014

Tin Soldier - Next Tournament on the Calendar

The next big tournament up here in Auckland is 'Tin Soldier'. Warhammer 40K & Warhammer Fantasy and you better get in touch with the T.O's if you want a place. It's on mid July and should be mountains of fun! Visit the tournament thread Here.

Here's my new beasty that will be accompanying my tricked out twin phoenixes.
There's an expected strong robot presence too.

Club Day over the weekend.

Some of my WIP

 My custom on the cheap 10th 'Repeater Bolt Thrower', taking shape. Watch out it's here to take names!
 Another Gore Beast Chariot on the cheap. After a Whip from the TK sprues to complete.
So if you have one hanging around, gives us yell. Much appreciated.
Found this beauty home made hill. Production line will be implemented this weekend.

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