Monday, 2 June 2014

Club day Queenie's B'day - Testing out 40K 7th - WIP - SouthCon & NiCon

Long weekend here in Auck's but we managed to get some gaming in on club day. There were also two tournaments held around the country with NiCon in Tauranga and SouthCon in Dunedin. Some of the results will follow.

About 35-40 people this Club day and I saw Descent 2, Viticulture, Acquire, Go, Bloodbowl, Epic, WHFB, WH40K, and a few more games going during the day. WH40K 7th is looking to be a cool game from what I've seen. All those Trolls with no idea about Warhammer (or ancient knowledge) must be looking like idiots with their pre-emptive vitriol about 3 white dwarf pages to judge a new release. WH40K 7th looks like a well packaged beast easily adjusted for tournaments and great for roll up games too. My suggestions is go get the Objective pack of cards to add even more to the fun.

Okay enough plugging peww peww. We've been getting alot of 1000pt games to fast track some of the new players into WHFB. They have been excellent fun games especially when you do versus with 3 people or doubles. We're meeting on Thursday at GW St Lukes 5:30pm if you're keen this week and wanna join us. Even if you're just started, don't have an army etc etc, We can get you into the game with rules and even loan armies. Just give us a bell or post up on Facebook group 'Auckland City Guard at Freemans Bay'.

Here's some of the pic's over the weekend.

Working on a display board for my army.

NiCon WHFB results.

1st  Antony Kitson 
2nd Richard Barby
3rd Rory Finnemore

SouthCon WHFB results.

1st  Rhys Hodgeson
2nd Mal Patel
3rd Joshua Hill

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