Saturday, 15 March 2014

Equinox V next Weekend

We've got 120+ coming this year for Equinox over the 3 systems starting next Saturday. Here in Auckland we will be hosting Overseas travellers, Mainlanders and out of towners. They are all gonna be rolling some sweet dice over a fun weekend of wargaming. It's Hammer time!!!

I just got back home about half an hour ago and yup still nothing from the two missing lists from late submissions for the WHFB tournament. Time for some point deductions you reckon?
Here's the breakdown so far for Equinox WHFB.

Lizardmen 5
Warriors 5
Ogres 4
High Elves 3
Orc & Gob 2
Vamps 2
Empire 2
Brets 2
Dwarves 2
Daemons 1
Tomb King 1
Ch Dorfs 1
Unknown 2                                

I'll have the Complete lists compiled soon as well as the WH40K where we have 60+ competing this year.

So in the mean time it's a good time as any to break out some hobby. Basing it is on some of the new projects and another useful unit.

 Left some crevices so I can do some lave effects. Anyone out there with some water effects I can do some testing on?
It's glue drying, thats why the bases look like they are all swimming.

Always useful, some Reavers.

Really takes a bit of artwork to get the WH40k juices going and I'll be breaking open some new sets soon after seeing this. Check this out!


  1. this mean just 2 lists left to come in mate?

  2. Aye Richie!! Your Pseudo maths is strong list watching one :P I wanna see your army in action. You in tomorrow and who are you playing?

  3. sure will be there im playing glen. next weekend I will be putting operation dodge the lizards in to action at equinox