Thursday, 20 March 2014

Equinox V - It's this weekend!

Hi Guys,

Remember Equinox is this weekend. I am sure you haven't all forgotten, but you just never know. There will be practice games at the venue on the Friday evening starting from 4pm after setup.

Thought I'd have a quick chat and mention some relevant helpful points that I've noticed through my tournament experience.

Please remember this maybe first tournament for some people and some that have been to only a handful. It would be very helpful to be friendly and don't just assume that your opponent should know all the rules.  Most of you know how to conduct yourselves & for those who don't, follow someone who does. Some games may get quite heated, especially near the top tables. At the end of the day it just toy soldiers, please keep it civil. 

On this note if you feel someone acted inappropriately as per the Players Pack sports score system, please see me and I will investigate whomever is in disrepute. 

T.O's will be mostly on hand to solve any rules disputes. It is advised you check the rule book first, However Warhammer is quite a complex game & not the most well written when it comes to rules. Generally T.O's err on the side of in the spirit of the game, and/or what makes sense in the situation. Just a reminder the T.O's rulings are final, You may disagree but that is not the point.  If they are proved to be wrong later my sincerest apologies, but the decision will stand.

Reminder of simple things:
  • Discuss terrain with your Opponent ( T.O's do not want to rule one way or another on how it should be played)
  • Please have your Army book and any relevant FAQ on hand.
  • Please have your list printed so you can present it to your opponent at the beginning of each round.
  • A Tray to move your (at least majority) of your army

First Round draw will be done on Friday night or on the day.

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Safe travels and I hope you are amped about the awesome weekend of gaming ahead. I sure am!

Kind regards,


Equinox 2014 T.O.

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