Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Equinox V - Photo's

Here's some of the Photo's from the event. We had three systems, Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy and Flames of War. There were a variety of Demo systems that also attended the tournament including Bolt Action, Kings of War, Pathfinder and a whole lot more. If you have any photo's you would like to show please contact me and I will gladly add them.

Please watch out for my tournament summary that I will post in a couple of days. I'm still a bit shattered from running the convention and need a bit of time to reintegrate back into the real world after such an awesome weekend of gaming. Damn real life :)

 We had some spectacular tables at the tournament
 Charlie's Tau... The Robots are hiding
 Eldar invasion

 Best table of terrain and you can see why.

Ogre Stonehorn stalking the desert
Blue steel, Blue Chaos
 Bobby's Chicky Empire...

 Captain Ham! Chaos Daemons.

 Dan's Spectacular Tournament winning Chaos Warriors.

 Glens Chaos Warrior.
 Russ's Vampires slaughtering my archers.

The Flames od War tables were not to be out done.

Way more Pictures to come in the next post. Way to pic dump you guys aye!!


  1. Thanks Phil, always wonderful to see peoples work, thanks for making sure the professional clickers where there, my phone only goes so far.


  2. Cheers Dan. Looking to have the Photographer at all of my future tournaments. I had a look at some of his photo's of the tournament and went wow that could have been from a hobby magazine. That's a huge reflection of the level of the painting we see in our hobby day in and day out.. That's something that we all should be proud of. Your army isn't looking too bad mate. It makes mine shake in lack of layers of paint jealousy ;)