Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Warriors WIP & NZ ATC brings it Home

Pocket change cars ready for paint and should be tournament ready in no time. Yup that green wheel is the less than $2 addition and I don't think it looks too bad.

Dual cars for the Warriors army.

The NZ ATC 40K team brought home the bacon big time. Defending their title the boys proved that NZ 40k is the business for another year. ATC is the Australian teams Championships.

Standing Team  Round Pts  Game Pts
1st        - NZ       - 8              - 470
2nd       - VIC     - 8              - 462
3rd       - NSW   - 5              - 405
4th        - QLD    - 4              - 398
5th        - WA     - 3              - 354
6th        - SA       - 2              - 311

Spot their moniker's.

Baguette sandwich!
Photo's curtesy of the tournament photobucket.

Got some special delivery resin recently and they are minty fresh! Only problem is that the Lanraider doors were mispackaged and are the smaller MK2B ones. Not to worry their customer service is top notch and I've been told that the right doors are winging their way to me now.

They are pretty nice and go especially well with the new Codex.

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  1. Now all they need to do is man up and enter ETC 40K