Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hobbying it out this week.

Got in some practice to narrow out which army I am going to bring for GuardCon. Need a 3rd tourney result to have a slim chance of getting to the masters. Brought out the Elves to hitout against Warriors. Played against the current defending Guardsman Champ and he had a army full of eye candy.

Chariot held up my most expensive unit and choppy character for 3 full turns. Elves get smashed... 

We've got a large Board Gaming group started alongisde the table top wargaming at the club so there's heaps of variety every week.
Makes for a pleasant but difficult decision on what to play each Sunday meet.

Oh yeah its the new Descent 2 game!

GuardCon 2013 is in two weeks time and I thought I'd better finish work on my Gorebeasty. It's a project that I've put off for ages as I couldn't find any wheels literally. Found a couple spare minutes so here's my recent effort. I know I have a million unfinished wip's but my blog is like my geek diary of DIY.

Some leftover bits from the chariot kit and useful board.

Chariot and beasty in need of wheels.

 Omg is that a $2 pile of toys with lotsa wheels = happy hobbyist. 
For all those too elitist who don't like me using cheap wheels, old skool tough titties :P
I'll post more up when I have it.

I can't help but tackle even more projects so here's a tank I made outta my Fly buys card (cheap plasticard lols) and tank bits. Not like I don't have painting to do just before a tournament.

 Needs more work but looks pretty cool for a flybuys card conversion :)

Here are some new games I've been told about and am sure to get.

New Drop Zone Commander two player set is just what I need at a price point for me to have a go at. You get real bang for your buck with a packed box o mini's.

New Kick Starter has some awesome mini's, recommended by a mate meatynosebleeds. Here

Happy Hobby Holidays all!!

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