Wednesday, 25 September 2013

GuardCon 2013 Results

Another Guardcon has been won and played. This year we tried another venue in Maurewa which was received very well by all the competitors. It was large and spacious and will offer a Marai next time we use it. Which should be a good selling point as it will be free accommodation for all competitors.

Congratulations to all who attended and a big shout out to all the people who helped to make it happen and run so smoothly. With four systems on display it was a good gathering of the wargaming community.

Warhammer Fantasy Results:

PlacingPlayerBattle raw (120)Battle final (60)Sports raw (12/18)Sports final (18)Paint raw (16)Paint final (22)Total (100)
1 Finnemore9748.51414162284.5
2A Kitson8743.513131419.2575.75
3J Cardno70351717162274
4J Brown7537.514141520.62572.125
5Phil Wu683417171520.62571.625
6K Gragg6733.51515162270.5
7G Tibbles6532.51515162269.5
8B Smith7336.515151317.87569.375
9P Dalton6130.51616162268.5
10Paul Clarke683416161317.87567.875
11Nick Munn743715151013.7565.75
12S Hastings5929.515151317.87562.375
13D Williams46231515162260
14Dan Leigh5125.514141419.2558.75
15I Nannesta4723.516161216.556
16Chris Ellis502515151115.12555.125
18B Grindrod20101717162249
19S Gillan3517.515151115.12547.625
20N Heileman4221151568.2544.25

Best Painted: Bobby Grindrod
Best Sport : James Cardno

Warhammer 40K

1 Nikola Jaksic
2 Mark Buttle
3 Ivan Soo
4 Steve Davis
5 Pascal Roggen
6 David Hillier
7 Doug Sainsbury
8 Daniel Hayden
9 Scott Birrell
10 James Davison
11 Tu Tamase
12 Simon Dennerly
13 Kyle Wilson
14 Chris Ward
15 Stan Van Der Ham
16 Mathew Lenton
17 Kieran Justice
18 Izzy O'day
19 Joshua Gillander
20 Daniel Duncan

Best Sport: Nikola Jaksic
Best Painterd: Chris Ward

Lord of the Rings:
  1. James
  2. Dory
  3. Dean
  4. Saul
  5.  = Elliot / Shane L.
  6. Mikey
  7. Shane P.
  8. Nick
  9. Andrew
  10. Javan
  11. Corey 

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