Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Equinox 2014 Registrations are up!!

Contact the email below to register your interest

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  1. Maybe I could get hold of my cup before the next one starts...?

    1. It's okay Sam. We won't use you to set up the whole entire venue bro. There's volunteers who are happy to do that this time around, I hope ;)
      Do need the Welly contingent to test the Dorkland skills so would be great if you can make it mate.

  2. Hey Tim, You shouldn't have flown out before Prize giving started man. You should of known that Ch Dorfs would dirty touch every army and come out on top from the start :)
    Also remember that we discussed that I wasn't too keen to send down the trophy via any and what ever courier was going to service Invergiggle (no disrespect here, I love the south).Plus you said it was Okay to grace the clubs glass cabinet until you had an op to pick it up. Anyways bro if you wanna send me a pm. NB: I 'm not in twitter or is it twatter ;)