Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Arch Enemy II

First tournament for the year this weekend and it's Arch Enemy run by Aaron P. There will be WHFB and 40K at the venue and curiously I'll be taking a rather unusual High Elf list that some of you will recognise. I hope I can do it justice. It's a closed list tournament so I won't give too much away.

Prince on foot
Archmage Lvl 4
Noble Bsb

Dragon Princes

2x Spearmen Blocks
2x Tiranoc Chariots
2x Repeater Bolt Throwers
2x Eagles

Aaron's done a great job on the players pack and it's well worth a read. It can be found here.

Along with your army list the PP also asked for a bit of fluff to accompany your army. This really helped me get more amped for the tournament and motivated some more painting. Perhaps it's me getting lulled back into warhammer after a bit of a break over the holidays. I'm looking forward to reading the work that some of the tournament goers have also written, I'm sure it's better than mine.

Here's my excerpt:-

The path to war...

The metallic clashing clang of weapons could be heard over the roar of the foaming waves of open Ocean. With every whip of his forearm he sent the great sword in dazzling dancing arcs towards the hunter in the lion cloak to be blocked methodically by war-ax with ever increasing desperate speed. The crew of the Elven battle barge watched entranced as the two mighty combatants exchanged a martial display rivalling titanic proportions. A battle between an axeman and a swordsman would spell a brutal and quick stanza but these two had fought for an extended period, each of their warrior skill’s rivalling any master of arms in this era of battle. With a sudden change of speed and stance Prince Kir’Shann adjusted his attack and the great sword veered past the hasty block to tap and reverse tap his opponent on both shoulders to end the sparring match. A great roar of appreciation erupted from the crew as the two Elven warriors clasped forearms and embraced in the friendship of battle brothers to signal the end of another gruelling training session. The days upon the open ocean would be soon replaced with unending battle as they reached the war to end all wars against their arch enemies the Beastmen of Chaalclarond.

As Kir’Shann tended to the razor edge of his great sword ‘Ebon death’, his thoughts and gaze fell upon his crew of battle brothers tending to their own war gear in preparation. Quickly had this war band been gathered to meet the evil forces multiplying to storm the shores of Ulthuan The normally disciplined and war ready ranks upon ranks of warriors who defended the island nation were still weeks march to the north and not available for this expedition. No matter the two week voyage on sea had melded this large contingent of spearmen supported by the ships battery of Eagle Talon bolt throwers. They would be the main stay and backbone of his army, they had to be.

Hasty preparations had only promised ranks of spearmen to his cause and the normal volleys of disciplined Elven bowmen were not amongst this expedition. It was only by luck that Lord Dargarion and his retinue of knights had been nearby on escort duty of an Archmage of the tower that they had joined his crusade. His thoughts were quickly interrupted as the tall Dragon Prince strode towards his direction.

‘I can see that your thoughts are on the battle ahead my Battle Prince.’ boomed the fully armoured warrior, surprisingly full of mirth with more than a hint of cynicism.

‘With the iron fist that your Dragon knights will lend to the main attack we will drive these beasts back into their holes.’ replied Ki’shann. His voice a little shaky as he contemplated the battle ahead, his very first at the head of this rag tag army.

“Battle will be won with more than sword and lance this day, we have a Wizard of the tower as one of our allies’.

‘Let’s hope the flames of Khaine will aid us in burning our enemies’.

The loud call from the lookout of land interrupted their conversation and both Elven generals paused to scan the approaching shore and the forests just coming into view. As the Battle barge raced to war the intricately carved medallion on Kir’Shann’s breast glinted in a swirl of malevolent colour. Loec the trickster God was also watching the battle ahead…


  1. Thanks Peter, I'll try and make your list design abilities proud. I'm two from two with the list and won't have enough time to get any more games in before the tournament. Next time put less spearmen in your lists :D

  2. Move over George R R Martin, needs a dwarf though

  3. The feminist collective will have your ass for not having a female character...

    Good stuff though, I look forward to hearing the results.

  4. @Richie

    Cheers for that and where are you this weekend fella? I don't see you on the list of combatants?


    You'd think with a whole army of skirts there'd be a chick amongst that. You're a serial skirt chaser James, find me some chich mini's bro :P