Sunday, 13 January 2013

First Tournament of the year

I smell the signs of a sweet as tournament around the corner and it's Arch enemy next weekend. Like the wafting stink of stale cream with spicy after tones Hobby Exile has been too long. We're approaching the oasis that is tournament season and there's a group of them I'll be going to all, right the way through to Equinox and the Auckland Open. As predicted I've finished my objective marker and I'm quite happy with him.

From the bitz box and titled 'Asian Dad'. Some of you will understand :D

 Army I've decided to take requires a hell of a lot of spearmen. So many Elf meat shields that I had to go and scrounge from the bits box. Luckily I managed to dredge another 27 out of the vortex that is the plasticrack cupboard (I have too much stuff...). So it will be another speed painted finish, it's three colours right!

Another unit rises form the graveyard of the bitx box.

After a miniature's swap at the club I've just become the proud owner of slightly smaller mini's. It actually makes me want to go and watch the three movies... Air conditioning is too comfortable to go home just yet.

Progress on the Sternguard Vets. Never knew a gun sling could make so much of a difference. Will have some more paint on these bad boys in the coming weeks. Tournament painting takes precedence waaahhhhaattt.

Green stuff skills are boss when you can make a miniature gun sling yo!

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