Friday, 9 January 2015

First few games of the Year (Just got back from holiday)

Holidays are great and I spent the last couple of weeks zooming around the country visiting family. It was great to catch games in Wellington, New Plymouth and Wanganui along the way. Apologies to the guys in Rotorua and the Hawkes Bay as I didn't manage to get out that way. There's always Equinox and NatCon to catch up for games guys :)

So just back in Auckland and I managed to catch a few games on the last holiday weekday of the trip. Expect more content and Email contact now as I'm back in Broadband range again.

Space Hulk - Such superb miniatures and quality components.
Good game too.
 'Battle of the three armies.'
800pts each of Ogres, High Elves and Gobbo's bashed it out.
Prepping for 'Arch Enemy' next Saturday.

D&D attack wing. Very distinct game and Dragons galore!

So many games in such a short time - So bloody good!!
(X-Wing and Board games was had toooooo!!!)

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