Monday, 19 January 2015

Arch Enemy 2015 - Results & Pics

This is our first One Dayer style tournament and it was a great success with 73 gamers enjoying a day of maximum games. We had a huge hand from the local retailers who sponsored the event. This meant that there were many prizes given back to the community for supporting another fun as event at ACG. We'll be looking to build on numbers in future and make sure we try to not clash with so many events next time. For all of you who were at the Cricket, Weddings, Down by the lake... get yourself into game mode earlier in the year next time ;)

We hosted Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Flames of War, X-Wing and boardgaming at Freemans Bay on Saturday the 17th. This is just some of the pics of the event with some showcase armies and terrain, not to mention plenty of Board games. Once again, with the help of our Sponsors, we managed to give back heaps of prizes back to the community.

Some of the prizes presented on the day.
Mechanicum defending their turf in Warhammer 40K.
 Ogre charge! Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
 Only a small amount here of the massive selection of games 
Available to play in the Board gaming section.
 Imperial shuttle and it's escort
Ambushed by a Rebel YT2400 in X-Wing.

Congrats to our spot prize Winners.

So onto our events and results. We always to hold a festive style tournament for the first event of the year. Good easy way of easing back into the year after the Holiday season. Most of the tournaments reflected this with much softer comp and bring on the day lists. Lets make the hobby you enjoy more enjoyable is what we say.

Tournament: Warhammer 40K
T.O: Mitchell K

1st  Pascal R
2nd Christian P
3rd Jed A

Fought on some amazing terrain the
WH40k was fought at 800pts per army.

 The Grizzled BA General...

Warhammer Fantasy
T.O: Phil W

1st  Frank A
2nd Nahri S
3rd Phil W

Some very nice armies made a show for the One Dayer.
Elven folk were also out in force.

Flames of War
T.O: Rob S

Alex S
Jason L
Isaac H
Flames was won via, Painting, Sports and Battle.
Here's some stock photo's of the historical game.

X-Wing - The miniatures game.
T.O: Phil W

Geoff G
Wayne B
Hen A
Geoff continues his winning form.
The collection of shinies must be numerous, congrats.

A great day was had by all. Come join us at our next tournament and grab some fun. All are welcome and it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a Veteran, I'm sure you'll have heaps of merriment enjoying games with new and familiar faces at your local gaming event. Big thanks goes out to our team at the ACG club and everyone that came and made it such a successful event. Please support our Sponsors as they have supported the tournament and in turn yourselves.

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