Thursday, 29 January 2015

X-Wing Games night plus D&D.

Wednesday night of casual games. Pretty close to where I live so went down for a gander with a few of the boys. It was store games kit night and we had a good lil turnout of 8 fella's getting some X-Wing done. Both Hen and Geoff made it so there was going to be some swish flying tonight.

Pretty relaxed and friendly group.
 There were lotsa varied lists.
My out of the box special was prolly the only repeat list there.

 Corran and Wedge combine to take out Whisper.

Got my first victory over Hen & Geoff tonight and picked up some bling.
That Darth medal is minty fresh and I'll be flying a Falcon at a place near you very soon.
Big ups for Geoff to swing a squad together for James.
Another pilot joins the fray.
 Good gathering of D&D players too.
Toby promises that he'll come to Club and DM some games soon.

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