Monday, 26 January 2015

Club Day & Hobby stuff for the past coupla weeks

Auckland Anniversary weekend and lotsa hobby was had. Club was open on Sunday and with many away we had a quiet day with 36 Gamers enjoying some  WHFB, X-wing, Attack Wing, and Board games. Always good to blow out some steam with some cool games.

Also gave me a good opportunity to wheel out my Ogre army. An ol'Dwarf strolled out of his hold to grudge the Ogre hoard and it was all on. Great game had against Levi's Dorfs and a good intro to see how the Ogres would fare. It worked out pretty good actually.

Collection is getting bigger
 Main unit of Ironguts
 The Firebelly's unit
My Stand in Sabretusks...Simba, Pumba and Timone :)

So the reason for picking up Ogres was because there were just too many new players coming to club with High Elves. I missed the ol pointy ears and had to bring them out for a casual game mid week. Thanks to James and Dave for letting me bring out the Elves that had been packed away for ages. 8th ed is bloody cool and we had a few superb games before breaking out some X-Wing.

Dragon Prices/Silverhelms.

 Dave's Khornate Knights.

 100pts of Death that I don't know how to use.

Club Day was pretty relaxed and cool. Great to say hello to a few newuns and great to welcome them to the club.
 Lee's Defenders wreaking mayhem.
 Firebelly unsettles the Dorf Lord in a challenge!
 Dble Falcon goodness
 Ogre Foooodddddd :P
 Too many pointy ears!!!

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