Friday, 16 January 2015

Arch Enemy 2015

Arch Enemy 2015 One dayer

Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, 
Flames of War, X-Wing & Board Gaming.

When : 17th January , Saturday.
Where : Freemans Bay Community Centre.
Cafeteria on site : Pls bring cash as there is no EFTPOS 
(we're a non-profit club and don't have flash doodahs)

First big event for the year. With the call for more casual events, Arch Enemy is hitting the shelf's just after the holidays to relieve that gaming itch. Good range of systems and great prize support from our Sponsors should see a good turn out from the community this year around. If you are free this Saturday there is still a few spaces free for tournaments or just pop in for some casual Board games. The event page is Here.

Board gaming has become a big thing up here in Auckland. With our central city tournament venue open again we will be hosting more community events with our large games library for you to enjoy more often. Look out for our two main tournaments Equinox (March) & NatCon (April) coming up later in the year. 

Big thanks to our sponsors for their support and helping the gaming community develop.

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