Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Skaven : WIP, more Ogres

 The ratty ones get a look at the new End Times release. I hear many skitters and skutters looking forward to the new book. The New Vermin lord looks like the ticket with many a variation.

Nagash gets a taste of Big Rat!

What ever is ratting around we have the Teclis Solution.

Work in progress in Ogres is coming along pretty well.
Using all the spare Butcher parts you get and I have a Slaughtermaster
Equipped with Glittering Scales.
 I really like this guy and will add some paint to them for a better perspective asap.
 Brilliant X-Wing game finish here.
Vader in Doom Shuttle shoots and duffs at the AWing (both ships are on 1 wound).
Vader raises his hand and Crits the AWing tho oblivion which also Shunders the shuttle.
Result = Draw :)

**Keep an eye here. Tournament information coming soon.**

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