Monday, 8 December 2014

The End Times : Khaine

What a roller coaster ride this book is. I remember the 'Storm of Chaos' WHFB release when I first started out in the Hobby way in the dark ages. That was pretty cool to introduce me to the rich vein of vivid imagination this hobby is. The End Times is another couple of levels of cool. For all those that are a little shaken with all the recent new releases and the changes it brings, don't worry be happy. You can easily just not use it in your games (so easy to run normal games without end times). If you do want to recreate some of the pinnacle battles in the series of books you can. The new allied lists bring a whole different feel to the game and the magic is just crazy cool.

So here are some of the snippets from the book and it's superb inspiration to get more of my huge stored collection painted and on the table.

Just like the past two books it's a premium printed volume.
Full of a host of established icons in the Warhammer fantasy universe.

What a great work to inspire me to get some legendary huge battles going multiplayer.
There was talk of the Elfpocalypse and this be a fine word to use for this book. 
(I know it was meant to have another meaning)

Without dropping any spoilers, I can say this is well worth it in any collection.
If you didn't manage to get one of the 1st prints of the book there will be a second release in soft cover.
5 out of 5 stars and I don't say this lightly. 
The Storm of Chaos book I used about twice and it was shelved. You won't do that with this book. It will be well worn.

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  1. I disagree. Its more like 7 out of 5 mainly thanks to a certain someone getting killed off!