Wednesday, 17 December 2014

X-Wing Wave 5 & OGRE WIP

Wave 5 ships dropped in for X-wing about a couple of weeks ago. Everyone seems to have incorporated them into their Squads. So last night I managed a game against 2 Decimators sporting all the new fandangles. It was a brutal list with 24 hull and 8 shields all up. I really liked how the list played and it wasn't OP at all but a very solid list. Their inability to evade gives you ample opportunity to blat them to oblivion. Now that Dash YT2400 with Leebo is another story altogether (what a top combo).

I will be piloting my Rebels much more this upcoming year so if anyone is keen for my unopened Decimator give me a yell here or via Email.

Managed some more colour on the Ogre army. At this rate I might have a table top ready force just after the new year. Suggestions on what I should have for an overall look for the bases would be helpful and very welcome. At the moment I'm thinking highlight progressive grey and then snow flock.

 Bit of a slight fix to the BSB standard and the difference of  what teeth make.

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