Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Ogre Kingdoms Book for Warhammer & Finecast

Nah just kidding around. You shouldn't believe everything you stumble on around the internet young padawan.

I was gonna keep it all hush hush before a tournament but I've been gripped by Fatties (otherwise known as Ogres). Yes GW Ogres are the bee's knees. Equivalent to 54mm or 1/32 scale the miniature is just bigger and easy to work with, so I couldn't help starting another army.

If you don't like the Mini then chop the fattie up!
The standard bog Ogre isn't quite big enough so he had to get extensions to become a Bruiser (Ogre Character).
Extensions added and a big game bird.
 Well on his way to becoming My Battle Standard Bearer.
Putting it in Simple Green is only for ones who give a flock :)

So in the good old days your mini came in 'be scared if I rage quit cos I got this solid metal mini if thrown could do you serious harm'. I was lucky enough to Pick up such for the Leader of the army the 'Tyrant'.

Mostly these days you will have to settle for 'Finecast'. Ive had a bad run in with the said Finecast when it first was released and have avoided it ever since until now. A mate had the new Ogre characters and who am I to say no to a plasticrack addiction. So I persevered and tried Finecast out again. I'm happy to say that the details were crisp and there was minimal problems with moulding. The only problem I had was a few minor bubbles on the hand of one of the mini's. So game on and here they are in their glory.

They didn't come with too much flash either

So thats the current Ogre story. Come back for more on the tale in a while Crocodile. (I've got the flu so bear with me).

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