Saturday, 26 July 2014

On table : Sanctus Reach Stormclaw & Ogres

Manage to pick up a copy of the Stormclaw set. Love the new artwork and the missions look pretty cool. More aimed at players rather than pure beginner level. All the models are standard off the sprue miniature's so no clip together sculpts here and will merge with your existing collection easy as.

The main reason you pick it up is the brand spanking new rules in mini format. I prefer this format even though the 3 book format deals with any inhibitions you may have with hauling a brick. 

 Both main characters you get are the usual clampack plastic sculpts. They are very nicely made too. GW you did some good work here.

On to the progrss of the Fatties. My Chaos Ogres from a while back get merged back into the Ogre Kingdom. For this army I want to field what I like the look of so expect to see Yhetees and Hunters when I get around to it.

See what I mean, I'm gonna take up the rare slot with Monsters. A bad influence from a tournament a few days ago. Talking of which I should get down and actually do a Write up of MonsterCon. Soon I say, Soon.

 Obligatory unit of mournfangs with a difference. Notice the middle one, it's made from a $2 plastic toy. For those rocking out themes, that's my theme.

All I have to do is fight the evil of this recent purchase. The release of the XBOX One means so many awesome games are dirt cheap.

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