Tuesday, 15 July 2014

GuardCon 2014

GuardCon 2014

13th & 14th September 
Venue: James Cook High Auditorium, Manurewa, Auckland.

Hosted by the Auckland City Guard Club.

GuardCon Warhammer Fantasy 2400pts (6 games over 2 Days),
GuardCon Warhammer 40K Doubles (6 Games over 2 days, Teams of 2x 1000pts),
Flames of War Late War ( 5 games over 2 Days).

Contact: wouster7@hotmail.com
or richard@Holtzhausen.net for details, 
Registrations are open now.

**Free accommodation available at the venue on request.

Visit our Club facebook page : Auckland City Guard Club at Freemans Bay
Visit out forum page : Aucklandcityguard.com
Visit the tournament page: http://aucklandcityguard.freeforums.org/post6445.html#p6445

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  1. Is that meant to be Wahammer 40k doubles?