Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tomb King Army WIP

Had a splurg just recently and brought a new army for the collection. They are the TK desert dwellers of yee olde undead. Never have been too much into the fluff or the army for that matter but the paint job it came with and the exceptional kind price from a friend was enough for me to nod yes emphatically to the deal. It was in disrepair sure and was scattered into boxes without foam which meant a few hours of repair and a lot more needed in restorative painting but the pictures show for themselves that they were a exceptional piece once. So like the Tomb Kings themselves they will one day reclaim the glory that they once knew very very soon...

 Usbhati, and the old metal models. I've always wanted a set...

 Not sure if Skeletal fast cav exist in current meta but they sure look damn good.

 Rising from the dust but missing a banner so need to do something about that.

 The Carrion have taken a battering and will need extensive repair but they are pretty cool.

 Skeletal horde with diorama which is hella cool. Shame that the effectiveness of the unit is inversely proportional to their cool factor.

 Ninja-ring from the village well to skelli-stomp...yuss!

Arising from the never-dead, Harold the Tomb king howls his curse of revenge...

So friends who have various TK units that you may want to sell to me to contribute on this epic quest please get in contact. The army looks like its a 6th edition army with all the units that were good then but not so flash at the moment. If you have Sphinx's, caskets, skelli bowman and various bits it'll be mighty helpful and I'll be greatly appreciative. 

Have spent a few hours fixing it to the standard so far and really look forward to getting the project rushing forward. I need some dark flesh paint and also to do some research on washes vs inks and the results of devlan mud equivalents and chestnut ink. Keep tuned to your local antiquities restoration class in the next few issues. 


  1. Good work. Another King rises.
    I wonder if you will have similar sentiments to myself after 6 months of using them...
    I'll look at having a sort out of what models I have left over before I head up to Guardcon if you want

  2. Thanks tim it'll be great if you could go through you bits box.

    The army has lots of comic relief and amongst the archers there is a skellie bent over backwards giving the salute. Inspires me to do a 'Merhtens', in red n black giving the double victory salute. It'll be a hoot modelling skellies for a laugh.