Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Inspiration for more Undead

Lots more to do after having a look at the Tomb Kings. Got the imagination going and made some filler models for the eventual plethora of archers that's going to be in the eventual finished product.

So from left to right we have, Where's Wally, Mehrten's double victory salute, Marino of the Dead and yet unfinished short-less Michida. Thanks Chris for the skelly models from the beginning of time.

Needed a Shotgun for a band of mercenaries I'm working on and found a very cool conversion on another blog here. Great use of all those bits out of the bits box.

You can see the Finished Shotgun on the left, accompanied with the rest of the squad that I will be designing a game for.

With all the work on the miniatures, I still managed to fit in some games into the week. So after round 4 where I got massacred by a bunch of Lead belching Ogres ( 5-15 loss) it looks like my high Elves are topping the table going into the play offs. Pizza and Wargaming this weekend scheduled for the club so should be a huge gathering of wargamers and lotsa fun, can't wait. 

Boardgames this week:

John always manages to bring some good bunch of games to the club and this week we had a go at the new release 'Dragon Rampage'. A poker dice based mechanic fitted into the classic dungeon creep board game. You each take on a tried and tested D&D persona and collect treasure, have a bash at the Dragon or high tail it outta the dungeon. With weighting on vps depending on how you've pl;aced your adventurer in the game at the end. I was the Dwarf and went for the middling role to see if it would work. A few swipes of the Ax at the Dragon, collected some treasure and relied on a turbo boost of the stumpy legs at the finish to end up mid way out of the dungeon at the end placing 2nd. An enjoyable game which gave plenty of time to have a chat and be sociable with your fellow group of players. I did feel that it lacked a slight bit of substance for the 2 hrs it took. 3stars outta 5.

We had a bit of time left at the end of the night and brought out 'Coloretto', for a roll. Simple dynamics and a fast pace game and I learnt it and played it in 10mins. Not long enough to be a solid filler but great for a bit of icing on the cake.

4 outta 5 Stars.

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