Wednesday, 27 June 2012

BT Thunder Stomp

Started my adventure fixing the imperfections on my first Fine Cast model. I've been told by a few people that they have had good experiences with the smaller models, but I'm not convinced just yet. After spending at least a couple of days fixing the bubbles and hollow mould spots on the Blood Thirster model and there is more to do, I got a bit bored so entertained myself by sculpting a scenic base with some bits from my bitz box. Stompy BT shatters some earth and on the way he displays some dance moves on an unfortunate Whitelion. I'm undecided on having a Elven Ax embedded on the ground nearby and figure that with a planned glowing lava theme on the base it should be enough detail.

 The Fine Cast does do the sculpt some justice with it's detail

Monster Thunderstomping and that's why you take em.

Looks like a few more weeks before I can get an undercoat on this bad boy but I'm liking how he's turning out. I think with the hobby every challenge is a opportunity to develop your skills and in this case it's definitely giving my limited green stuff experience a work out.

Board Game of the week: Ninjato

Very cleverly designed VP based board game. It has exquisite graphics and wooden shurikens to mark your moves. The combat dynamics are unique and enthralling as you take your Ninja on raids against enemy castles to elevate your house into dominance. Also recruit advisor's and prominent figure heads to gain added VP's. This was my first game of Ninjato but I have no doubt it won't be my last.

Very graceful design and once you get started it's easily learnt on your first game.

Highly recommend this game 4 out of 5 stars.

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