Saturday, 14 July 2012

Mid July Hobby Round up

So many projects and so little time it seems. The Tomb Kings are definitely taking up the work space the last couple of weeks and with most of the army fixed to a good standard it was time to fill out the list so first up Bone Giant (Necrolith Colossus).
 This bad boy had to have his elbow joint resculpted as it was damaged but good old greenstuff and a half dozen pins and he's looking the part. Went with the head with the head dress to match the armies detail.

The Army is still needing a mass of archers which I'll remedy soon from fellow gamers or Trademe. In the mean time the Skellie Bowmen are filled out by a TK heavy weapons platform. Having a rummage through the bits box is always fun and some times even useful.

 Heavy weapons platform gets any skellie excited and enough so that he loses his hand...

Some more fix it jobs which took less time than I originally thought. I managed to find a very reasonable terrain stockist and after sourcing some good sand flock I managed to get these two beasties fixed up. Good lesson is to buy the professional flocking material as I've done here as it's very easy to both work with and to glue. If you really need to I suppose you can just use normal beach sand but expect it to clump up and be the consistency of sand paper.

Show down, Flappy rotting bird or giant undead lobster.

I've managed to locate some of that blue polystyrene which is fantastic for terrain making. So to start with I've been inspired to make a less than ordinary forest for the gaming table. I thought I'd go for a Goblin giant mushroom forest. So in the next few weeks I've got some more terrain projects to put up but for now here's just a couple of WIP's. 

So with this many projects on the go Prince Tyrion gets no love. Oh did I mention that I managed to pick up one of the most iconic High Elf characters again and he'll be a painting project soon, yuss.

I used to own this figure and unwittingly sold him in a cupboard clean up. Great to be able to grab him back and in metal too.

Board Game of the Week: Merchants & Marauders.

If you into a bit of Rum and Pirating on the high seas then this game is for you. It comes with a impressive looking map and some fantastic Naval models which really captures the feel of trading and privateering amongst it in the Caribbean of old. Grab a couple or three mates and have a go either as a trader or a pirate and don't worry if you get a feeling that you'd rather be a pirate when you're trading it's easy enough to give the nearest merchant ship a broadside and hoist up the jolly roger. Just a word of warning it does take a while to play if you're just starting out.

 Good quality components and a really well designed board.

Really enjoyable game and very replayable with a large selection of available Captains you can play and assortment of missions and rumours to complete.
4 out of 5 stars.

GW rolls out 6th Edition  this month and here's a video to celebrate some 40K fun.

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