Friday, 22 June 2012

Guardsman Trophy 2012 Batreps

It's the warm up for GuardCon at The Auckland City guard and that means a Winter league with 6 games to determine the Champion for the Guardsman Trophy. I've got the Trophy at present and will be sending out and testing a multitude of High Elf armies to defend the title. It's actually really cool since you are not required to have the same list for the games. It makes it very interesting to test potential tournament armies amongst a great bunch of fellow wargamers.

I took my NiCon list with some adjustments to face some VC for the first game. With my magic heavy combat defensive army it was going to be interesting facing a Stragoi led army with Vargheist (6 of them), Terrorgheist and a horde of VC abominations. The HE list did what it was designed to pitting the huge Strigoi Bunker down to size so str3 bows could finish off the unit, yup pointy sticks who would have thunk. The Flaming banner on the Whitelions was lethal and they chopped through some devolved Vampires on the charge and pretty much anything you put in front of them. Withering combined with the last remaining 10 Elf bowmen was the highlight of Elven archery for the year and I directed it on the Terrorgheist. Big Monsters don't like being T3, and even with ten shots it was enough to bring down the wounded flappy hellbat with three wounds. Pointy sticks to the skull of the hulking beast. Top game and really hit a chord when the theory hammer actually plays out in a game.
20-nil Win.

Second Game and 1st Game against my opponent, who was fielding a beaut painted army of WoC, so was really amped. Needed to play at GW in town and I had to take my ready packed army in a box for the game to make it easier for the travel. My opponent was kind enough to let me use my Tin Soldier army cut down to 2400pts (upcoming tournament list). I broke out the Lord on Star Dragon ( Betsy) and used a very 7th edition meta list. It's a very enjoyable army to play and relies on a fully combat and attack strategy which isn't what most people expect from the High Elf army book. So a quick batrep, after surviving gateway twice and two wayward Hellcannon shots The Dragon was into his Hellcannon and combat was a bit iffy and had to rely on the breath attack to take it's last wound. On the other end of the table Combined charge with Sword Masters, Dragon Princes and a Chariot  onto one unit saw off one of the three Warrior blocks in the enemy army. This made his Lord's unit run even with a re-rolled panic test on a 9. End of the game after mopping up left his Chosen block with extra attack, 3+ward, Chicken Mcnuggets and fries untouched and me with a sizable win.
17-3 Win.

Found some extra time, shock so I picked up a copy of Bernard Cornwell's latest in his series of Saxon stories about the end of the ninth century. I like his quick frank pulp historical fiction type of writing style, well worth a read. I recommend Whitcoulls for their pricing and because they are a good NZ company.

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