Saturday, 20 June 2015

X-wing Lists - Regional musings

With X-wing Regionals approaching in July in Auckland, I've just started to have a look at possible lists that I'll face and the one I'd take. Some IT warrior claimed that I was net listing with my usual squad but in reality I hadn't looked at the net for lists and probably was a little lacking on current meta due to it. So to better round out my strat I went and did a little study on lists from reliable sources. Here's a few things I found which might be helpful for you guys too.

The classic wave1 Tie swarms are still very strong even at current meta. I'd expect to see them quite a bit leading up to Regionals.

Ordinance heavy Bombers could be a go to. With ever more agile ships this won't be the list of choice.

The combo of Fat large ship and Fast agile hitter is still very strong and here's some examples.

The Decimator and Phantom combo is the hardest imho.
Lots of hp and hits very hard.

I would like to try this one out but i'm a little hesitant as you are bound to give away points.

 Yup there's my favourite pilot in this list. Might just adjust this list a little for my game play.

 This is my favourite combo. I'd need to borrow a Deci from someone.

If you are happy to share your thoughts that would be fantastic. 
This years Regionals will be my first and I'm pretty new to the serious competitive side of X-wing.
Keen as to fire up the laser cannons. 


  1. Go with the Swarm big ship lists are dull - more ships mean more pew pew

  2. Theres a few multi ship builds I'm thinking of. Swarms are way above my piloting level man. 2 Ship builds are exactly my ability though :O