Monday, 23 March 2015

Hobby Master Ellerslie : Store X-Wing Champs

Hobby Master is one of our local hero brick and mortars championing gaming in our local region. As part of the series to thank our sponsors for backing our local club and tournaments we'll have a look at the their X-Wing store champs held over the recent weekend. Go in and get a game if you're interested. They have all the people and material to get you started.

As part of Fantasy Flight Games organised play program there will be a string of local hobby stores running their store champs for X-wing over the coming weeks. I was privileged to be asked to run this particular event and hosted our local community of X-wing Pilots. The atmosphere was calm and casual and brimming with fun. There were beginners and veterans playing on the day with plenty of prize support that everyone was going to go home with a bit of swag. As it approached the last round of the 4 round event the top half of the field still had a chance to take out the trophy. That's the best you can ask for a closely fought fight and the final round results still a factor in the race for 1st. this is a great example of how X-wing is such are fantastic game to play as everyone is competitive what ever list you play.

Are you ready to kick off
 Friendly games but its still competitive.
 Some very nice repaints in the field.
 There were some very different lists that came to the event.
 Friendly atmosphere and fly casual was the mantra.
 Hobby Master's spacious gaming area.
 Geoff takes out the closely fought Championships.
Michael T presents the winners plaque.
 The winning list of Phantom & Decimator combo.
 Everyone is a winner (and now the kid wants a go too :) )
Rob gets the Bye round at Regionals.
 Wayne takes home the print, which was kindly donated by Michael for the tourney.

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