Monday, 16 March 2015

Equinox 2015 Prize getters and Armies part2

Hobbyists have worked hard to get some of their armies to tournament. There was a dazzling display of armies. Equinox has always been designed to champion competitors to get some games on the table and this year was no different. This means that we encourage you to come play where ever the stage of painting your army is at. The painting prizes are there to reward those that are here to show their armies off. The painting criteria is also relaxed but challenging so that there is a minimum standard before you come and you can decide whether you would like to achieve it or not. This is the modern day gamers and real life sometimes means you don't get as much time to hobby as you would like. This should never get in the way of coming to a event and meeting and sharing games with your fellow hobbyists.

Here's some of the highlights.

Big thanks to our sponsors who helped us with prizes for this tournament. 
Here's just some of the guys who picked up some swag over the weekend.

 There was some guy trying to show off his arms... I can't see anyone either.

 It was great to see so many massive combats happening at every table.

 Bretonnians lance first into the Chaos uprising.

 Some of the Trolls from the army that won best painted.

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  1. Very nice who did the best painted belong too?