Sunday, 15 March 2015

Equinox 2015 Results & Pics part1.

Tropical storm up coming, no worries we'll just party it up and get some Hammer time at Equinox this tournament weekend. With upcoming Nationals in Auckland in Easter weekend, we had a more manageable turnout for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40k and X-Wing. The atmosphere hummed with casual but competitive fun both days as tournament season continued in 2015.

The top 10 kept on changing leader all the way from round 3 till the end. A sure sign that you have a top field battling it out and using their armies to the extreme. It kept me on the edge of my seat every round. Without my usual bunny in the field who was unable to make it to the tournament I had to celebrate my 2nd to last placing (I guess I can only score pts against him ;) ). I enjoyed running Equinox and thanks goes out to the competitors, My fellow T.O's, and everyone who made Equinox happen this year.

Here's the results for WHFB and WH40k will follow once its processed.

Name Adj TS
1 Tim Joss 85  Dark Elves
2 James Brown 83  High Elves
3 Ryan Simister 80  Dark Elves
4 Kelly Gragg 77  Warriors
5 Richard Barby 70.1  WoodElves
6 Russ Simister 70  Vampire
7 Ross Hillier-Jones 68  Warriors
8 Nick Irvine 66  WoodElves
9 Glen Tibbles 61 Dark Elves
10 Tom Cochrane 59  WoodElves
11 John Willenbruch 58  High Elves
12 Phil Commins 56.1  Daemons
13 Brian Smith 56  Dark Elves
14 Ryan Hart 55.1  Warriors
15 Gerard Tibbles 55  Warriors
16 Tom Davis 51  High Elves
17 Michael Partridge 46.1  Orc&Goblin
18 Evert Loef 46  Lizardmen
19 David Hart 40  Orc&Goblin
20 Richard Holtzhausen 37  Warriors
21 Brendon Price 36  Bretonnians
22 Chris Ellis 30  Tomb Kings
23 Ethan Phillips 29  Warriors
24 Connor Hutton 10  Ogres
25 Dave Emery 5
26 Frank Ansell 3  High Elves
27 Phil Wu 2.1  Ogres
28 Stephen Gillian 2  High Elves

Best Paint:   Dave Hart
Best Sports: Ryan Hart

Here's some highlight pics

Eldar reaver standouts
 the Bay Chimeras.

 Soft score woodies.

More Results and Pics to follow in the next few days.
Many thanks from the community goes out to our list of Sponsors.
Go support them as they are supporting you and the tournament scene.

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