Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Back in the groove: WHFB & X-wing

Warhammer Khaine was released for pre-orders over the weekend. Attributing to it's massive popularity it was sold out in less than 20 minutes of release. Well this tells me how many players are out there still playing Warhammer fantasy, Friggin lots! So it's given me a renewed passion for the game. Of course the IT warriors out there too intelligent for their own good criticised a games company for being too popular to sell out a new release, um duhh. For all of us who didn't manage to get one online, I'm sure you're like me and will pick one up from your local hobby store. This will be a hardback if you're lucky or the later release softbacks due this weekend and onwards.

I'll be picking up a pack o these too.
Really getting amped about all the new releases. 
Managed a game out with the Ogres and it was goodge!

Busy weekend for gaming. On Saturday I helped out one of the good guys promoting X-Wing and ran the Furballs tournament at BGBTB along with the help of Mike. We hosted 20 players which meant 5 tables of 4v4, Elimination. A great concept to get more players into the X-Wing hobby. Everyone had fun and it gives you a great amount of intrigue trying to ace it out and be the last pilot standing. The mini tourney had a 'Tantive IV' up as the final prize, so massive!
The pilots flew two rounds to determine the final four to fly off for the big prize. the guys who managed to make the final were:

Henare : A-wing     Top Pilot Wins the 'Tantive IV'.
Geoff :    Interceptor
Sam :      E-wing
Myself:   X-wing

Sam is 10 years old and a absolutely brilliant pilot. Hen and Geoff flew amazingly to make my silly X-wing look like a overladen bus! Great games for me and I learnt lots. Everyone looked like they enjoyed it immensely, so tournament success for another X-wing shindig.

Sunday at the Club was a little quiet with some other big events happening around Auckland. We managed to host 38 gamers who played Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, Flames of War, Blood Bowl, SAGA, X-wing and a few Board games too.

Firefly the Board game.
Double Shuttle!
 Lizardmen and water.
 Blingin the paint job.

If you're free this weekend head on down to the ACG club. We've got a X-Wing tourney running along with the usual range of Table top and Board gaming.


  1. So us Druchii players finally get to stand shoulder to shoulder with the HEs and WE. Strange times indeed. Who would have thought that our beloved Malekith was the wronged one? No wonder he's so bitter. Anyhow this changes things hugely, and opens up really exciting gaming possibilities. The whole end times thing has just shown how under-valued and under-estimated us fantasy players were by GW. Give us something decent and we'll lap it up. Players that have been in hibernation for years are reawakening. I've dusted off armies I have not used in almost a decade. I agree that the game has been rejuvinated. Hard core tournament players may disagree, but things certainly have changed.Just struggling to digest all the fluff before the next lot is upon us. We will likely see a Dwarf-Empire release as well, poss incorporating Bretts in the alliance ? It still leaves the Greenskins and Lizards marginalised though, and also the Ogres. Interesting times indeed

  2. It definitely is getting the passion for games going strong here with the new release. Elves just gained a huge varied arsenal with allies. Looking for some fun games ahead. Not to mention all the varied possibilities that they are exploring. I'm liking the direction this design team is heading.