Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Glotkin and End Times : Warhammer

The Glotkin has arrived in book II of 'The End Times'. I've just got around to having a read and boy o boy it's a brilliant advance on the WHFB IP. It's a time of uncertainty for gamers but let me tell you that it's a great time of change. The game has just gotten way way better. We're looking at holding some large multiplayer games at club to ding dong it out. Plus with Equinox & Natcon in March and April next year up here in Auckland, you guys in the hobby are gonna have a blast.

The New Nurgle range is some amazing sculpts.

Bretonnians are in the book and are still strong in the old world.

Gutrot Spume battles the Forest Gobbo's.

Unusual alliances lend themselves to battle.

From the Glotkin book we're also provided with the rules for Legion of Chaos lists. All those Beaastmen players can come out of the woodwork now And you get to ambush. Looking forward to facing and running a few games with this lethal combination.

with the lists the Reign of Chaos and Eye of the gods tables are also provided.

What are you waiting for. Get some of your own hammer games in.
Glotkin is a great purchase idea. It's fantastic that it's xmas time :)

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