Friday, 7 November 2014

New Tyranids and Ogre Kingdoms WIP

Some more new Tyranids are up this weekend and here is the sneak peek at them for ya. The bugs get their own droppies and they look pretty rad!

Also some new goodies from Forge world.

Ogre Kingdoms are on my painting table currently. Trying to make it as quick as possible so they are table top ready. I've had a few games with them and they play very nicely if not just a little too one dimensionally vs my favoured High Elf army. My club has recently had a huge influx of High elf armies with new players. This is great but also means I'm going to use different armies to break up the same ol.

 Brilliant sculpt.

This is the WIP on the Ironblaster that was missing its cannon.
I made an appropriate Cannon to replace it :) 
 Not your usual unit in a Ogre army but I really like the look of them.
They are in even though they are not so flash game wise.

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