Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ogres WIP & Bloodbowl

The next project on the table is Ogres. The plan is to have it all painted and ready to go by the end of the year. They are such big mini's that it requires less tedious painting, so all things are possible. Here's the recycled Ogres from my old Chaos army. They are destined to be Maneaters with heaps of glorious conversions.

 Still heaps of work to do but coming together with the use of Milliput.

I've picked up milliput in place of Greenstuff to see how it goes.
Found that it's very different to use but still does the job. Playdough in texture and bit delicate initially. Much softer to mould and sculpt and very hydrophilic. Otherwise it gives you the same results at a fraction of the price of Greenstuff. Green stuff still is superior in more sharper detail though.

 Gap that needed fixing.
Results of the mend with Milliput.

Here's my Human team 'The Jaffaheim Chargers' for bloodbowl that I picked up earlier. I've painted them all ready for next years league.
I've reached the Final for this years league and will be facing Geoff's Orcs in a week or so for the spoils. Really enjoying the game and it fits in very well to fill the gap alongside a main wargame like Warhammer Fantasy &/or WH40k.

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