Tuesday, 14 October 2014

ABBF Blood bowl in Auckland & WIP

Got my Quarter final game in last night at the Surrey. Classic call from the girls mate who came to the pub to have a drink. She said 'What?!? you play with little man dolls and you paint them too...???', I've always known that us wargamers are a bit fringe. I didn't know it was that unusual. She got a shock of her life when I arrived at the pub and there were other 30 something professionals also there to play blood bowl. I had to say 'yeah it's a strategic game and it's really intriguing and pulls you in'. Nope that didn't rub either.

Anyways, my last round robin match for the League with my Elves was against Dans Underworld team which promptly smashed my Elves off the pitch leaving only 2 players on my side during one play. I lost 2-1 and hesitantly found out that it was the same team that I had to play for the Quarterfinal knock outs. Dan is a top bloke, but I'm still sore from the last game to play the destroyer of a team of his again. The vagaries of Nuffle and Blood Bowl meant that the Quarter final game was a total turn around at the pub. The Elves racked up 7 cas's (BB talk) to spin the Underworld team off 3 to zip. So unexpected and a top game. Nuffle smiled on the Elves this time around. Semi finals here we come!

Here's the New Human team I just acquired.
Thanks to Dan, Nick and Christian for helping me out with the old Skool mini's.
Specially impressed with the OOP Ogre. 

Optimistically going for this Colour scheme.

WIP of my Ogre army is underway.
Thanks to Michael for the Iron guts.
(too big for blood bowl.)

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