Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hobby Time

Have had little time for Hobby but managed to do a few things here and there. The eclectic zipping to and fro from each hobby has actually inspired me again. Totally recommend if you are in a stale patch and looking for some good kick start.

Picked up a rather battered Valkyrie recently for bugger all. Gave it a good Black coat and added spare parts (Thanks fellas who contributed). Painted the cockpit and discovered Necron Abyss is a great colour for Helmet visors.

Fixed with Spare bits. Valkyrie will fly again!
 Doesn't look too bad once its fixed a bit. Long way to go yet. 
Needed a bit of colour to get a bit of inspire to stay the course of the project.
Ogres recycled into my Bull unit.
 Crom gets a slight pose change. Waiting to do my Termies soon.
 Blood Bowl is so cool. Couple of players from the league I'm playing in gettting a game in at Club.
Just managed to pick up another two teams and the original box, yuss!
Some economical sides for a broken Russ.
 Managed to salvage a heap of IG(AM) tanks.
 Wedge get's a distinctive repaint. I'll do this with all my Ships at some stage.
I believe in the minimal time best results rule of thumb.
Both Wedge and Bobba below took me 10mins which was ace.
 Darker red repaint and a Badhab Black wash for Bobba.

So much hobby in so little time. Life is hard at the mo.

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