Thursday, 11 September 2014

Space Hulk sneak peak for this Saturday.

Space Hulk is getting a relaunch this weekend. It was sold out in it's first issue so like most companies who find a popular item selling GW has done a second printing with a few extra's. I missed the first issue so am ecstatic to get a copy this time around.

It comes with the iconic Blood angels fighting Tyranids. I've got big plans for the various Terminators in my collection to add more flavour to the game. This will be so cool. The possibilities of creating your own missions with the various miniatures in your collection would be mind blowing.

 I've been told that it also comes with extra missions and extra add ons. Just enough that previous edition owners get that envy factor going.

So it means it's new toys next weekend yuss!

With Tournament weekend going off this time come Saturday, I haven't had time for much hobby. I did get a chance to scratch build a couple of characters for my Blood Bowl team though.

Characters for BB and also doubles as a Coach and the team Doc.

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