Tuesday, 23 September 2014

GuardCon 2014 Weekend Part 2 WH40k, SAGA & X-Wing.

This year doubles was back for WH40k by popular demand. Always aimed at the more fun side of the Hobby. You can take your cheese but it doesn't mean anyone was going to take cheese seriously :) We saw a big attendance from the Auckland faithful and a few travellers looking to have a go at the Auckland scene. Some spectacularly painted armies were present. David Bailey and Patrick Kerr was notably and both brought their work for all to see. Both of them also put up their time as commission painters for the community. Each supported the Young Blood award for WH40K and WHFB. If you need a commision done please get a hold of them or contact me and I'll  put you onto their services.

Warhamme 40K doubles was T.O'd by Christian Pride. Teams of 2 with 1000pts each fought over objectives on the weekend over 6 games. Last year we ran a Singles event but this year and from now on it will be a doubles competition aimed at fun and the novelty of the occasion.

Overall ResultsTeam NameBattle PointsPaintBonusSportsTotal
1Too Late511552091
2Its a hustle, its a bustle47.51552087.5
3Like a Boss451552085
4Once were battle brothers411552081
5Apparantly this worked in 6th…40.51552080.5
6Team Go Go Taudar Force40.51552080.5
7Wraith & Ruin391552079
8Festering fungle horde371452076
9Pus Knights34.51552074.5
10Carnival of Blood341552074
11Grey Wardens32.51552072.5
12Da Mad Hatterz32.51552072.5
14The Decievers32.51452071.5
15Glorious Avengers of Glory291552069
16Skorka-Tau Coalition281552068
17Heads of the Aquila261552066
18Team Venture25.51552065.5
19Team Jacob22.51552062.5
20Mana 116.51542055.5

Best Sport : Patrick C & Paul B

Best Paint : Steve G & Mike K.

One Half of  Team 'Too Late'

Team 'It's a hustle, it's a bustle' (without Russell).

 'Like a Boss'.

Best Paint (gotta get some photo's of their army).

Best Sports.

Booby prize!

X Wing Casual Tournament.

First year for this tournament, which is great for hobby! Good numbers for such short notice and we had plenty of fun. The 1st day was Dominated by Peter Hutch with a pearler of a list. I think it was Wedge, Corran and two z95's. I felt the pain of his expert piloting and so did the field as he posted a perfect tournament score. Second day was Geoff's and his Imperials posted a convincing victory. Plenty of Prizes given out and Amol kindly helped and T.O'd.

Piloting Ace!
 Sweat shirt Ace!

It's Vader yo!!

 Auckland Traffic in Spaceeeee!!!

SAGA Tournament.

This year we also had the first SAGA tournament (one dayer). Rob kindly offered to host it and we got a good field. The mini's on display were excellent quality. The system was unique and played like a skirmish WHFB style feel (I'm definitely no expert :) ). If anyone is interested with questions, please don't hesitate to comment and I can put you in contact with the guys at the club. It looks like another quality hobby.

Podium Results:

Eric Juhl
2nd =
Andrew Argutters
Rob Sadler

Good work fella's!

Eric takes out the tournament and gains the title 'Eric the Viking'.

Very interesting unique system of play.

Awesome weekend of Hobby. I'll have a quick synopsis and more photo's from the tournament in part 3 next time around. 

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