Monday, 9 April 2012

Ready for this weekends Tournament

Always good to use a tournament to motivate some work on an army and also get some projects finished. So for the doubles tournament I'm going to rock out some Wood Elves for the very first time. Went and got some wardancers from the local hobby shop and it was great they had it on the shelves and that's the beauty of having a local retailer and we all should be happy we have them and support them when ever we can. So not happy with a normal movement tray I went the whole hog and made a skirmish tray for them fully ready for magnetised models.

Thats some magnetic paint on the tray and it looks primo once all painted. I must admit it was pretty satisfying to my OCD to make this and all my skirmishers are going to get the champagne treatment at some stage now. I used some cardboard, Selleys filler, assorted flock and plastic sprue to make this bad boy. It took way too long but ultimately satisfying.

I also thought it was a good time to get my Grif-Eagle conversion ready for the tournament. The new GW wings on the IOB set Griffon was my inspiration and now I'm in the process of making two that can swap between my High Elves and Wood Elves. The inspiration was from another NZ blog and it looks pretty good and size wise too.

Bert the Eagle with WIP, Ernie the Eagle. I thought it was going to be quite hard to green stuff feathers to fill the massive gap once you remove the rider from the back. It turned out to be a biggish job but sculpting feathers is not as hard as you think at all. So two flying turkeys ready to wreck havoc on a hobby near you.

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