Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hobby round up for the week.

Good week for Empire generals as the upcoming GW release hits the shelves. The secret service was working over time with very little leaks prior to the White Dwarf pics on the internet a week ago. As with most of the new 8th ed armies this version of Empire features some superb sculpts and moulding tech and we get Karl Franz in a plastic kit. There is going to be mixed opinions out there but I really like all the new models even if Franz is using a hammer on top a giant elephant sized flying chook.

The Kit gives you the option of building a mounted Amber Wizard as well and the dual kits seems a great standard option. As always superb paint work from the Eavy metal team too.

With the various other new Magically trolley contraptions and the release of Monstrous Cavalry for Empire the army looks like it will be a popular choice for upcoming tournaments. Especially with the inclusion of the brand new Witch Hunter to the rules and a very kik ass sculpt below. 

So I've looked at another range to use as my Empire army foot sloggers and Cavalry and Perry BRo's have some good options. Here are some of the options that look promising I've found on other blogs and the web that I'm very keen on


  1. If I were you I would not be using the Russian grenadiers....use the Perry's War of the Roses musketmen the are much better; more 15th century (the time warhammer empire is set in)than 19th century!


    This war of the roses mercenary kit does your xbowmwen, spears and handgunners