Thursday, 5 April 2012

Doubles Tournament coming up

We've got our first Doubles Fantasy Tournaments this year in Auck's and with 1400pts x2 each team it's going to be pretty cool. The East Auckland Elite's are holding the tournament and with a onsite bar and pretty stunning facilities my team mate and I are keen to design a list that plays itself and we get to enjoy the venue the majority of the time, apparently there are pool tables as well. Really looking forward to the weekend which is less than 9 days away.

There is a 40K doubles tournament at the venue as well and I'll assume that the picture above will be well populated with wargamers over the weekend. I'll make sure I have a pew with a handy walk up to the stocked premises. Watch for the tourney report as it comes to hand.

This is the entrance to the venue and it speaks for itself.

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