Monday, 12 March 2012

Equinox Armies in Attendance

Equinox coming up this weekend and here is the break down of the Warhammer Fantasy Armies attending.

Beastman 1
Bretonnian 3
Dark Elves 3
Ch Doofs 1
Doofs 2
Empire 5
High Elves 3
Vampires 4
Tomb Kings 4
Skaven 2
Orc & Goblin 3
Ogre 4
Wood Elves 3
Warriors 9
Lizardmen 1

Massive incursion from the Chaos wastes and by the looks of things the Daemons have stayed home this tournament. A good solid distribution of armies to what looks like a very interesting contest come game day. We'll be having warm up games from the Friday night on and it should be good.

Whips and Daemon wings on holiday this weekend.

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  1. 3 Wood Elf armies? What's the world coming to!