Thursday, 22 March 2012

NiCon Tournament Part 1 WIP

NiCon is the next tournament on my calendar and is held every year during Queens Birthday weekend. This year it'll be in Auckland and the WFB tournament will be in the very capable hands of the Current NZ master as the TO. Details can be found Here.

I am almost 90% that I'll be taking High Elves to the tournament and thought I'd get together some ideas for the army list. I've got these models on the painting table at the moment and they seem a lot of fun and would be very thematic for the army I have currently have in mind. The archmage is from the High Elf mage plastice kit. The mounted Prince/BSB and the Noble on foot are both converted from figures from the IOB set. The griffon from the set is also currently being converted to be an Giant Eagle that I can use both for an HE army or a WE army.

Will nut out a list over the weekend and will have the WIP for the whole entire army. I hope it's pretty standard and I can use one of the four High Elf armies I already have. If it isn't and the imagination flies then I guess it'll be a fifth army that I collect, High Elf that is...phewwww.

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