Thursday, 15 March 2012

Equinox Musings

With 14 of  the NZ top 25 players in attendance for WFB at Equinox and with a field of 48 it makes me very pleased to see an ever growing community of Wargamers. With this continued interest in the hobby it can only be good for everyone and if we can get the other dozen or so of the top 25 and others we'd be on track for 100+ for a singular system. With four systems we could reach 400 ppl a huge achievement for wargaming if we can get it in Aoteroa. So with such a large resurgence in the hobby should I arrange for a bigger venue next year.

Warhammer Fantasy 8th ed did have a slow start in it's evolution but by the gathered army lists for Equinox, NZ is still a great country to play the game. Obviously there are some hints at internet list building but by the gathered spread of armies the tournament community is still content to play their favoured army and not head on any band wagons GW or forum cheddar building throws in at ever opportunity of a new release. So be prepared to face some very rounded and unique lists at the tournament, and it goes a long way to dispelling the myth that hard caps generate mono style type of lists. I'm really proud to say that the 3 Wood elf armies in attendance are from Auckland and so it'll be a convenient stroll for me to get some advice on my budding Wood elf army in future regardless of every IT warrior on the block saying that WE are a dead army.

For all those attending and assuming the worst list possible from everyone, it's simply not so and there will be huge sighs of amazement on the Saturday morning when you realise that most of your fellow wargamers have taken up the positive premise of  tournaments and that is to have fun and meet new people. One of the great principles that has attracted good numbers of new players coming into the hobby. I've heard the rumour mill grinding and suggesting Gobbo warmachine, puppet factories and the gathered mass of Auckland Chaos warrior scene. It simply isn't the case and for all those naysayer's I hope you guys hook a large fish with that one ;)
Gordon the Naysayer says 'Neeeah ...'.

So Just a reminder for everyone who is coming to Equinox this is the please remember to bring list.

1. Your Army complete with Army Book, BRB, and relevant printed updated faqs.

2. Dice, Templates, Tape measure, Markers etc.

3. A printed army list for yourself as a check-list. A printed army list will be supplied at the tournament that you can present to your opponent each game as this tournament is open list.

4. There will be a Cafe offering Drinks etc but there will not be eftpos. Please bring cash if you are intending to use the facility.

Amped for the tournament and looking forward to seeing all attending. Watch out for tournament reports in the next few days and some gathered battle reports.

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