Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Arch Enemy 2016 Warhammer 40K Doubles

This year Arch enemy will be running Wh40k doubles. Enter as a single competitor or as a team. Each competitor will bring 1000pts and games will be, Team of 2 vs Team of 2 (2000pts on each side). There will be 5 games over 2 days, played over 5 distinctive missions. Missions will be released 2 weeks before the tournament. Come get your game on.

Venue: Rose Park Hotel, Parnell, Auckland.
When: 23rd & 24th of January 2016.

Discounted Entry $35ea, $60 as a team of 2 before 31st Dec.
Normal Rego: $40ea, $75 as a team of 2 before the 14th Jan
(Club disc applies for this lvl)
Late Rego. At the discretion of the T.O. $45ea

TO: Michael Partridge, Phil Wu, and Stan Van der Ham 

There will be a Trophy and medals for 1st - 3rd, Best Sport, and Best Painted. Prizes will be randomly drawn at the end, with the whole field elligible. We are trying to promote a community friendly event and everyone gets a chance to win a prize regardless of the list you bring.

Please email wouster7@hotmail.com 
to register and for your players pack.

Event Page is Here.

The first WH40K tournament to hit Auckland 2016.

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