Wednesday, 2 December 2015

9th Age Fantasy Battle Wargame - What is it?

So looking for a Fantasy Battle Wargame. Looking for the complexity and strategy that Warhammer Fantasy Battle offered. Well, look no further because 9th Age is here. Backed and designed by the same community that gave you the 'European Team Championships (ETC)'. The game is the next edition of the mass battle game (Warhammer 8th edition) that we have all enjoyed so far.

With a dedicated site with all the full current rules, Magic lores and Army books.
That's the Full 9th Age Rules book, the full Lores of Magic and all 16 Army books.
Just visit this link Here.

The Game is community backed by select members from the massive pool of players of the ETC. The guys who live and breath the game and are passionate about it's growth. These are the Games designers that Games companies would love to have on their payroll but would never get the opportunity to hire. Lets be realistic, real life pays so much more haha. From their work so far it's an awesome game and will get even better with tweaks as we progress.

If you are in New Zealand then visit our facebook page.
Already a impressive number of gamers from a couple of weeks work. Pass the word on.

We'e already testing games and it's a easy transition from Warhamer Fantasy Battle. It plays very well from the books that I've tested. I'm looking forward to trying all 16 books. Wargaming has never been so accessible for such a superb product. Everyone has a even footing since all the army books are free to download. You'll now have access to all the armies at a touch of a button. Go out and get it now.

You want Wargaming Fatasy Battles on a grand scale.

You want intricate strategy with well designed depth.
Then 9th Age is for you. 

We'll be holding our first tournaments the beginning of next year.
Keep your eye out here for more details soon.


  1. Cheers McCrae. It's the better games that come along that get game time these days with me. I'm excited over the prospect of 9th Age being the mainstay Fantasy Battle game for the masses for the foreseeable future. Such a great team so far leading the design. The massive support its getting from the heart of Wargaming in Europe too.

  2. I sat down a read some of the rules last night. Names changes aside it has the warhammer feel to it